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Reporting a Swerving Driver to the OPP
Read the description. and watch the WHOLE video. I trimmed the video down once I got in front of him and let him cruise behind me for a bit so there's no footage of that since I don't have a rear facing camera. I also cut out some audio. Given the placement of my dash cam, it might be a little tough to see when he crosses over to the right side of the road since my cam is a little to the left on my windshield. The Driver drives for Service Express L T L Inc, with the license plate RC1337 (I think) The plate was covered in dirt. This was the first time I've ever called 911 in my life so this is the first time I've ever reported a driver via phone, as you can see this 18 wheeler was correcting himself and couldn't keep a straight line constantly when driving on the 400 North. Swerving slightly into lanes and merging spots. At one point in the video he was partially in my lane and I had to hit the rumble strips to avoid him. Given that he's driving a vehicle that can do a serious amount of damage (I am aware, a lot of cars can do a lot of damage as well and an 18 wheeler is no exception), I decided to call the police. With the recent tragedy 3 children and a grandfather being killed by a drunk driver in Vaughan, I thought to myself that it would better to be safe than sorry. I have no idea if he was drunk or not, but based on the way he was driving he was either A) A terrible driver or B) intoxicated. If police pulled him over and found that he wasn't drunk, that's great news but he should consider some driving lessons... Weighing potential consequences, I chose to hopefully prevent a future tragedy from happening. Like I said, better safe than sorry. Sending out police to investigate was the safest thing to do in this situation rather than waiting to see if another drunk driving accident hit the news later on that night.
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Typical Drivers from Ontario
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Rear Ended
Section 159 (1) of the Ontario HTA The driver of a vehicle, upon the approach of a police department vehicle with its bell or siren sounding or with its lamp producing intermittent flashes of red light or red and blue light, or upon the approach of an ambulance, fire department vehicle or public utility emergency vehicle with its bell or siren sounding or its lamp producing intermittent flashes of red light, shall immediately bring such vehicle to a standstill, (a) as near as is practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway and parallel therewith and clear of any intersection More from the MTO "When an emergency vehicle is approaching your vehicle from ANY direction with its flashing red or red and blue lights, or siren or bell sounding, you are required to bring your vehicle to an immediate stop."
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DC Sports Catless Frontpipe w/ Works Axleback Muffler
A couple things 1) The video and audio don't do the systems any justice. 2) The dB app sucks and is not accurate 3) The first video was filmed on a cold start, the second video (the one with the front pipe and axleback) was filmed when the car was warmed up. Didn't feel like waiting for the engine to be cold before making the video. 4) Both revs were up to 5k
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Van Gets hit by Falling Ice
Doesn't look like much on camera, but it probably did some damage... After the small ice storm on March 24, 2015 lots of chunks of ice were flying off of cars and street posts once the ice became thawed.
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Typical Drivers of Ontario -- The Red Light Runner
Highway 7 and the 400 on December 16th around 5:20
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Car in Ditch (Aftermath)
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Typical Drivers of Ontario #3
Red lights are for the weak.
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Typical Drivers from Ontario #2
Someone tries to change lanes, ends up 2 inches from my car. The camera doesn't pick it up because she is right beside me, but she just kept going for a split second after the honk. Not to mention she initiated a lane change from nearly the end of the intersection (you can see her front wheel on the line as she makes it through the intersection. Though there is no specific law against it Ontario to my knowledge, it must be done in a safe manner and should be treated as any other lane change. This was not safe. Video cut out because i had some choice words.
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4 v 1 Clutch AWP on Nuke
4 bullets 4 kills
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Guy Pulls Dangerous Stunt to Run Red
Hard to see on camera. Some impatient guy uses the left turn lane to book it right through the red light. Didn't make it too far from the pack, though.
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Typical Drivers of Ontario: Turning into your own lane is hard
Section 141 of the HTA (3) Despite subsection (2), where more than one lane of a highway has been designated as a right-turn lane, the driver or operator of a vehicle intending to turn to the right into an intersecting highway shall approach the intersection in one of the lanes and leave the intersection in the lane of the intersecting highway that corresponds to the lane from which the turn was commenced. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 141 (3).
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No Signal, No Problem
Thought he was pulling off to the curb, but with no signals how do you expect the person behind you to know what you're doing.
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Dat Flickshot Doe
CS GO Counterstrike Global Offensive. Yagotrekt
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Amazing 360 Noscope with AWP (CS: Global Offensive)
m8.... ya got rekt.
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