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Money Is Free, We Are Slaves
If money grew on trees it would be more rare than it is now. the title really says it all really, we spend enough on defense to feed everyone many times over. we spend money being afraid of people we should be working together with instead of feeding or housing people. theres enough money to go around. i wanted to say how to fix it in this but i have so much to say about so many things, its hard to organize my thoughts so ill have to upload another one with how to fix it, had to upload this one cause its hard for me to get into the mood to talk to no one in front of a camera so wanted to at least get this out now, if you disagree, where do you think money and its value come from?
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Solving A Rubiks Cube
Solving a Rubiks cube, not racing, just taking my time. Can show you where i learned it if anyone is interested. Try it, Its not too hard, you can do it too.
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Portugal The Man - People Say Intro Guitar Cover
The intro to people say by portugal the man on guitar. i'm not a guitar player just fooling around really cause my life is boring, i don't like the abrupt cut but it is what it is, just getting used to how to do all of this on my computer.
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Circa Survive - In Fear And Faith Opening Guitar Riff
the beginning part to in fear and faith by circa survive. love them a lot. 7&9, 11&12, 9&11, 5&6, then reuses same positions, you should be able to tell whats going on
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The REAL Question We Should Be Asking About Our Taxes
What we should be asking about our taxes. we are enslaved by money and it doesnt have to be this way, life can be better for everyone, we can actually be free. money is a tool and if we use it correctly everyone can live a lifestyle free from worry of money, free from the need to work everyday and see your co workers more than your loved ones, this place can be heaven
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How To Solve Gun Violence. Is The Gun To Blame Or The Person?
The only way to do it. Have any thoughts, comment, im open to a discussion
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More Practice Drumming
i had it, i lost it, i got it back again. i think this is the most qualifying for the word practice than any other I've posted.
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messing around
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More Drum Practice
More practice/building muscles. Left hands almost caught up.
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Beatles-Blackbird Intro
a little bit of black bird by the beatles on guitar, because i can.
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Dark Side Of The Moon Guitar Snippet
Me playing a little bit of dark side of the moon, keep in mind that I'm a drummer tho
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What If Money Did Grow On Trees, Because It Does
Im incredibly uncomfortable talking to a camera but i gotta get started on talking and joining the bigger conversation cause i can fix it so, what if it did. money is made from cotton and linen. we can produce as much of it as we want. there is enough money to go around and we should not have to work our entire lives just to get by. we are being held back through money and its time it stops because this place can be so much better than it is now for every single person on this planet, so who is against fixing the system? anyone who is must be stupid cause it can be better for EVERYONE.
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Playing some drums
What else is new
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Playing Drums, Making Progress
the drums again, doing the same kinda fills but leading with my left hand, I'm almost good enough to fully express my own creativity on the drums
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Drumming practice Billy Kapanek
Names Bill Kapanek just messing around
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Watch Me Find It, Lose It, Find It, A Few Times Over, Then Just End Up Tired
You can see, playing the drums again, getting better i think but still learning, sometimes i play some beats quietly in a like build up so sometimes its hard to hear but it def does come and go, its hard to stay in the pocket after so long drumming with some bad habits, but its coming along.
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Finally Playing The Drums
Might be hard to tell compared to other vids but think I finally got the hang of playing em, just playing around but felt really good finally
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Beatles Something Acoustic Guitar Solo Cover
Me playing a little bit of something by the beats on acoustic guitar, still a drummer tho. This is just because i can. I know all my clips are super quiet and I'm sorry but it is what it is for right now.
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Part Of Stairway To Heaven Acoustic Guitar Snippet
My playing part of stairway to heaven, I'm a drummer so this is something worth sharing to me so I'm putting it up here
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Mornings Portugal The Man Acoustic Guitar Snippet
i bounce around the song a little bit but idc. just wanted to throw it up on here cause why not so here it is, mornings by portugal the man acoustic guitar snippet
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