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Why does walnut is good for brain, pregnancy, and insomnia? -health benefits of walnut
Buy Walnut Energy Bar here -http://amzn.to/2Gb8iiR This video covers almost all the health benefits of walnut ! Have you ever noticed that walnut looks just like the human brain? And do you know that Walnut is even known as the brain food? Co-incidental, right? To know why it is called THE BRAIN FOOD, you have to keep watching the video. So, here are top then health benefits of Walnut. Number 10 Fights depression Thanks, to the omega 3 present in walnuts that combats depression. It is biologically proven that the low level of omega 3 is one of the reasons that contributes to depression and cognitive disorders as well. Walnut is a natural remedy that will keep you away from the unwanted stress in your life. So, the next time while you feel depressed, eat a handful of walnuts. Number 9 Slow down aging Who does not want to look young and glamorous? Surely, we all do. And this is where walnuts come to rescue. Walnuts are filled with antioxidants like polyphenolic compound and flavonoid that prevents cell damage in the body. So, do not forget to make walnut your evening and bedtime snack. Number 8 induce sleep Are you the one for whom the nights are longer than usual, then walnut is all you need. Walnut contains melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. So, consume 3 to 4 walnuts before you move on to your bed. Number 7 Improves brain health Walnuts are filled with a number of nutrients such as polyphenol, fatty acid, folate and vitamin E. these nutrients help in preventing age-related deterioration of the brain. Walnuts are not only meant for older people but also adults and children can snack on to it too. Number 6 Bye bye dark circles Applying warm walnut oil on the dark circle and see the wonders it does. Walnuts are considered to be excellent soothing agents. You can even use walnut oil to reduce puffiness and for the relaxation of eyes. Number 5 Nourished hair To have longer, stronger and nourished hair like Rapunzel, all you need to have is walnuts. These nuts are a great source of potassium omega 3 omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids which help in strengthening the hair follicles. Massage your scalp with warm walnut oil twice a week and see the instant results. Number 4 Helps in losing weight Wanting to lose weight? Then switch to healthy eating. Walnuts contain essential vitamins, minerals, fats and a very less amount of daily calories. Whereas, the good news is walnuts have compounds that reduce the belly fats and make you feel full for a longer time. So, from now make walnut as your best friend to aid you to lose weight. Number 3 Relief from constipation Constipation is the most irritable part of the morning routine. But walnuts are the ultimate solution to it. These nuts are filled with fiber that helps is proper functioning of the digestive system. So, remember to add a handful of walnuts with your oats meal every morning. Number 2 During pregnancy Walnuts are necessary for women who are expecting. These nuts contain healthy nutrients that are essential for the mother as well as the baby. Therefore, it is highly recommended for pregnant women to have walnuts on daily basis. Number 1 Internal cleaning Walnuts work as a vacuum cleaner of our body. This might sound strange but it’s true. Walnuts help in cleaning the digestive system and even kills numerous parasites. So, while planning your diet list for the next day, do not forget to add this powerhouse of nutrients in it.
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Health benefits of Beet Juice that will Blow Your Mind Away!
Buy Fresh Beet Root Juice Powder - http://amzn.to/2rDjIsi What if I say beetroot juice can increase your sexual performance? Are you smiling? You should. Who on the world does not love to have sex? If you want to know how it improves your sexual life, you have to keep watching this video. Beetroot juice has some miraculous power to offer your health and face. Oho! I have forgotten the hair. So, let’s start digging into the health benefits of beetroot juice. Number 10: Beet juice for blood pressure By drinking beet juice you can control your blood pressure. Yeah, it is true. I am not joking. Study found that drinking one glass of beet juice you can lower your blood pressure. So, if you are a sufferer of high blood pressure, you should drink beet juice regularly. Number 9 Boost your stamina like a monster Benefits of beetroot juice for athletes cannot be described in a paragraph. It is found by researchers that beet juice can enhance the ability of working out by 16 percent. Many supplementary companies use beet roots as their key ingredients. Number Eight: Beet juice for cancer One of the most amazing facts about the beet root juice is, it prevents cancer. A number of studies show that beetroot juice has some super active ingredients which are very much active against the cancer cells. Number seven: beetroot juice for weight loss Beets are full of protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and potassium. Beets are very low in calories. On the contrary it is high in fiber. The fiber of beetroot decreases your craving for food. Drinking this juice before your meal will restrict you from taking excessive food. Number Six: Benefits of beetroot juice for kidney Beet juice detoxifies your kidney like a vacuum cleaner. I like it’s affectivity against alcohol. You must know alcohol destroys your liver gradually. Beet juice protects your liver adorably from alcohol consumption. Number five: Benefits of beetroot juice for skin One of the most affective benefits of beetroot is its power of cleansing the cells of skin. To prevent the signs of aging you can blender some pieces of beetroot. Massage the juice on your face. Keep it for 10 minutes. Then wash it with cold water. You can see the difference by yourself. Beetroots antioxidant is effective against wrinkles, blemish and pigmentation. Number four: Beetroot juice for pregnant women As I have mentioned earlier, you already know that beet juice is high in folic acid. By drinking beet juices, you can ensure faster growth of your baby. It helps to construct your baby’s bones as well. Number three: Beet juice for arthritis Beet juice helps curing arthritis. By preventing calcium absorption it helps you to store calcium. It hinders the process of calcium absorption in a dramatic way. Beet root juice contains alkaline contents as well. Alkaline is a experienced warrior against arthritis. Number two: Beet juice improves your sexual life From the history, we have known that Beets were used as a primitive Viagra in the Europe. Romans were used to using this juice to enhance their sexual ability. Now, by a number of medical studies, we get to know that it was not a myth. It is a fact that beet juice really helps to boost libido. Drinking beet juice increases your blood flow. As a result you get excited quickly than average time. Number One: Beet juice improves hair color. To make your hair softer and shiny , you can drink beet juice regularly. You can use a mask as well. All you have to do is- mix 1 cup of beet juice with half cup of black tea and half cup of rose water. Then apply it on your hair. Do this process twice a week for a better result. To get more videos like this, please subscribe our channel. Your subscription gives us more power and hope. Thank you.
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Health benefits of black seed oil- Cure of all diseases!!!
Buy The Fresh Black Seed Oil Here- http://amzn.to/2F9c0rY Nigella sativa is a flowering plant that produces fruits that contain black seeds. In English, Nigella sativa and its seed are variously called black-caraway, black-cumin, fennel-flower, nigella, nutmeg-flower, Roman-coriander, and kalonji (from Hindi). Blackseed and black caraway may also refer to Bunium persicum. “Remedy for everything but death”- this is what the ancients use to describe these black seeds. For thousands of years’ people have used black cumin seeds for curing their health issues. Unlike sunflower and mustard seed even black cumin seeds is used for the extraction of oil. This oil has many health benefits. Black seed oil promises to treat many common health conditions. Here is a list of top 10 health benefits of nigella seeds. Number 10 Reduces high blood pressure The black cumin seed oil helps in keeping the hypertension in control. All you need to do is drink half a table spoon of black cumin seed oil along with warm water. It is also advisable that you follow a proper diet for better results. Number 9 Helps in weight loss Add honey, lemon juice and half teaspoon of kalonji oil in a glass of warm water, mix it well and drink this every day before breakfast. This is a miraculous drink that will help you in reducing extra kilos. Number 8 Controls diabetes Nigella seed works well with diabetes. It is the most known benefit of nigella seed. Add half tablespoon of black seed oil with black tea and drink it every morning. You will be able to see the amazing results within few weeks. Number 7 Fights acne Acne is a common skin problem for every skin type. But black cumin seed oil even has the remedy for this. Take a cup of sweet lime juice and add a table spoon of black cumin oil to it. Apply this solution on the face twice a day. You will find your acne and blemishes will disappear soon. Number 6 Hydrates hair Black seed oil goes well with human hair. Add black seed oil with your regular used hair oil and then apply it on your scalp. Keep this for 30 minutes to 1 hour and wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Apply this mixture for twice a week. You will find your hair will be shiny, smooth and healthy. Number 5 Fights cancer Researches have shown that black seed contains anti-cancer properties. This restricts the growth of cancer cells in the body. A portion of black seed oil is able to reduce the growth of tumor in lab rats. The black seed oil even helps to reduces the tissue damaging effect of radiation that this used for the cure of cancer. Number 4 Goodbye headache Headache is a common urban issue that we all face most of the days. But now have a different approach towards it. Instead of taking pain killer or applying any balm just take few drops of kalonji oil and rub on your forehead. Relax for 5 to 10 minutes. You will no longer find your headache. Number 3 Reduces join pains Join pains are the most irritable experience. But black seed oil even has the solution for it. In a pan, heat up mustard and black seed oil. Take it off the heat and let it cool down a bit. Apply this oil on the parts where you are experiencing the pain. Black seed oil can also be used to massage inflamed joins. Number 2 Softens skin Nigella seed oil can also be added with essential oils and moisturizers to make skin hydrated and moisturized. Number 1 Heal burns Black seed oil helps in healing burns and make the skin soft as earlier. Apply black seed oil on the burned area, this helps in stimulating growth and helps the body to create healthy and new skin.
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Symptoms And Home Remedies Of  UTI (Urinary tract Infection)
Clove Oil - http://amzn.to/2F6NYxC Urinary tract infection or UTI is very common among women, you will be surprised to know that around one in two women suffers from UTI. Whereas, one in 20 men get UTI in their lifetime. It is only because of UTI that we are always advised to follow clean and healthy measures while using the washroom. The main reason behind this is because of the urethra, which is located close to the anus. It is the perfect position for the bacteria, such as E. coli to easily escape anus and attack the urethra. If the infection is not being treated on time it can even reach up to the bladder and then gradually infect the kidneys. Women are commonly affected by UTI because they have a shorter urethra and that allows the bacteria to quickly reach the bladder. But how can you identify UTI? To identify UTI, check for these symptoms – • Burning sensation while urinating • Frequent urge to urinate • Pressure in the lower abdomen • Dark, bloody or even cloudy urine • Strange smell from urine • Having a high fever. Home remedies for UTI If you think that taking antibiotic is the last option that you have then you are wrong. There are a number of home remedies that can cure UTI. To get rid of UTI continue watching this video till the end to know a number of effective remedies. Number 1 Drink plenty of water The first thing that you need to do after being diagnosed with UTI is to drink a lot of water. Drinking a good amount of water will flush away the bacteria that causes infection. Drink one glass of water after your every meal and snack. It is also every important to stay hydrated all the time. Number 2 Urinate frequently Empty your bladder as many time as possible. Frequent urination ensures that the bacteria is not growing in the urine that is in the bladder. Don’t worry if you urinate in small amount but do not carry the urine for a longer period of time. Number 3 Eat garlic Drink raw garlic tea for better results. Raw Garlic contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. intake of good amount of garlic will help in fighting against the bacteria that are responsible for UTI. Number 4 Clove oil Clove oil is highly beneficial as it contains anti-inflammatory properties, this helps in getting relief from the pain and boosts up healing. Add few drops of clove oil to warm water and drink it after every meal to get satisfying results. Number 5 Vitamin C Intake of vitamin c makes the urine more acidic, which then makes it hard for the bacteria to stay in the bladder. Vitamin c even enhances the immune system. Add a tablespoon of lemon water and honey to warm water and drink it 3 to 4 times a day.
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Natural Home Remedies For Cough And Cold | cough home remedies
By the end of this video you will know about all the super effective home remedies of Cough. Coughing is one of the most common diseases around the world. acute cough, which is also known as acute bronchitis, is the fifth most common diseases in the USA. There are different types of a cough. A cough that lasts for less than 3 weeks is called acute cough and the cough that lasts between 3 to 8 weeks is a subacute cough. But a choric cough is that which lasts for more than 8 weeks. It is always advisable to consult the doctor while you see blood in your cough. But keeping this all aside, the main question here is what causes a cough? So, keep watching this video to know about the causes and also the remedies. Let’s first dive into the causes: Cleaning throat A cough is a natural phenomenon of cleaning the throat and it's when the air track gets blocked with mucus and other foreign particles. Bacteria and virus The main cause of a cough is the infection in the respiratory track. This infection is mainly caused by viruses and can last for few weeks. Smoking Smoking is one of the common causes of a cough. So it always better to be safe than sorry. In order to get rid of a frequent cough, it is better that you stop smoking. Asthma Asthma is even one of the reasons behind coughing in young children. It is not always necessary to take antibiotics when home remedies can help you out at a glance. A cough is one among those disorders that can be treated with the items that you have at home. So, stick on to this video to know more about home remedies. Number 1 Honey Why do you need anything else while you have honey at home? This is the ultimate medicine that can cure your cough completely. consume 1 tablespoon of organic honey before bedtime to control your cough and have disrupted sleep. Number 2 Gargle, gargle, and gargle This is an ancient method and this can even be called as an epic formula too. For this, take 1 tablespoon of salt and 8 ounces of lukewarm water. Stir the salt into the water until it gets completely dissolved. Gargle this for 20 seconds and spit. Continue this method for a couple of time. This will surely make a difference. Number 3 Ginger tea I cannot imagine not drinking tea when I have a cough. But remember that not the black or green tea will solve the problem. This is the time when you have try something new and that is ginger tea. Take 2 tablespoons of ginger and boil it in 2 cups of water. Drink this tea twice a day and see the difference. Ginger helps in loosening and expelling mucus from the lungs. Number 4 Peppermint Peppermints leaves are famous for its healing properties. It helps in soothing the throat and helps in breaking down mucus. Drinking peppermint tea will help you out with a troublesome cough that you have. Number 5 Pineapple Have you ever thought of pineapple as a remedy? interesting, right? So, let's dig into it. The pineapple helps in suppressing cough and loosening the mucus in the throat. So, now all you have to do is eat slices of pineapple and drink pineapple juice three times a day. website: thetopratedblog.wordpress.com facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheTopRated/
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Eat These And See What happens To Your Age Spot! - Best Foods For Anti Aging
These anti-aging foods will support your skin continuously. You should eat these foods to remove your age spot completely. Good skin needs proper nutrients. Only adequate nutrients can give you shiny and variant skin. If you want your skin glows like a teenager girl or boy, you need to change the food habit. There are some foods that can help you to remove your age spot completely. You won't have to worry about your wrinkles, dirk circles under your eyes, if you eat these on a regular basis. 1.Honey for face glow. 2.Oranges to remove your wrinkles. 3. Berries to enhance the glowing of your skin. 4. Avocado for removing the age spots. 5. green tea anti-aging for skin
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Six Deadly Tricks to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally And Quickly within 3 months👌🕵
Heart Savior Cholesterol Controller- http://amzn.to/2DzZzJh Red Rice Yeast Capsule -http://amzn.to/2F89J07 This video will be describing how to lower your cholesterol naturally within 3 months. Every time I browse the internet I find this question frequently, “How to lower my cholesterol naturally? To lower your cholesterol, you have to follow some certain rules. In this video, we have described six different ways to lower your cholesterol. We have also described what to eat to lower your cholesterol. There are so many foods that reduce cholesterol. We tried to mention as many as possible in this video. If you are worried about your cholesterol level and thinking to do something against it, then this video will be a charm for you. At a glance, you can see which things are good against bad cholesterol (LDL). 1. Exercise is good against bad cholesterol 2. Foods that reduce cholesterol. 3. Vitamins to lower cholesterol. 4. Niacin for cholesterol. 5. Herbs to lower your cholesterol. 6. Supplement to fight against LDL cholesterol.
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Fix your Sore Throat Within a few minutes! – Best remedy for Sore Throat
Are you tired of taking medicines for a sore throat? Are these medicines not working at all? If this is your situation right away then, this video is solely meant for you. A sore throat is a very irritable problem that we all face from one point to the other but, what to do for a sore throat? In this video, you will be finding some amazing home remedies for a sore throat. Home remedies for a sore throat might make you a bit confused about how effective can it be. Stop worrying any longer as these are the best remedies for a sore throat and will help you in every manner. Follow the five steps described in the video and set yourself free from the pain. If these tips have amazed you and you find it helpful then, do not forget to Like it. And Subscribe, comment and share to TheTopRated to see more health-related videos.
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Health benefits of rose water for skin, hair and acne
Rosewater or you can even call it as the magic potion. This magical liquid is derived from fresh and fragrant roses through the process of distillation. You can find rosewater anyway nearby you. The general stores and cosmetic shops are filled with it. Or even you can prepare in your own kitchen. It is a magic potion in all sense, you will be amazed to know that rosewater has innumerable benefits and uses. Here are the amazing top10 among them. Number 10 Reduces blood pressure level it is scientifically proven that rosewater can reduce the blood pressure level and even of stress hormone cortisol. The aroma of rose is an instant mood enhancer. You can find an immediate change in yourself after you have sprayed few drops of rose water on your face. It reduces anxiety and enhances emotional well-being. Number 9 Revitalize hair growth now you don’t have to worry about your hair anymore. Rosewater helps in strengthening the roots, revitalizes scalp and promotes hair growth. It even keeps your scalp to be cool and fresh. You can use it as a nature hair spray as it does not contain harmful chemicals in it. Dilute your shampoo and conditioner using rosewater and feel the change after the first wash. Rosewater even reduces dandruff. Number 8 Helps to get rid of bad breath tired shewing gums to get rid of bad breath? Here is the solution to it. You can now replace your shewing gums and breath freshener with rosewater. Spraying few drops of rosewater and this will help you to get rid of bad breath instantly. You can even drink rosewater for a better result. Drinking rosewater regularly will help reducing inflammation in gums too. Number 7 Say goodbye to acne take 1 tablespoon of lemon and 1 tablespoon of rosewater, apply it on the acne area then wait for 30 minutes. Wash it with fresh cold water and feel the change. rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties, that helps in reducing acne and even any irritation on the skin. You can apply rosewater directly on the face with the help of cotton pads. Number 6 Relief from digestion trouble if you are disturbed with the problem of indigestion then don’t worry. From Cleopatra to Michelangelo everyone had this problem in common. Drink a glass full of chilled rosewater every day to get rid of indigestion and bloating problem. I know it sounds unrealistic but it really works. Rosewater purifies the body and thanks to the flavonoids, tannins, and other essential vitamins it contains. Number 5 Aromatherapy throughout the history, roses have been used for aromatherapy. They are still used in the spas for the purpose of relaxation and peaceful environment. Mostly rosewater and glycerin is use for massage, that helps in lifting the mood and even reduces the stress of body and mind. Number 4 Sooths sunburn you can use rosewater as after sun body spray. All you need to do is crush 10 to 15 basil leaves and add it to 200ml of rosewater. Store this in liquid spray bottle and refrigerate it. Spray it on your body to sooth sun burn and heal red and itchy skin. Number 3 Remedy for frizzy hair you can now get rid of your dry and frizzy hair. All you have to do is add equal portion of rosewater and glycerin , apply this on your scalp, keep it for 45 minutes and then wash off with shampoo. This will give your locks a bright shine and reduces the fizziness. Number 2 Removes excess oil we all understand the problem of oily skin and how disturbing the feeling is. rosewater helps in maintaining the pH balance of skin and controls it from being excess oily. It is cleanser and helps in removing dirt and excess oil from the pores. Rosewater even hydrates the skin and moisturizes it. Number 1 Reduces irritation after shaving now you don’t have to spend your money on expensive after shave lotion. You can now directly apply rosewater on your skin after shaving. You can even apply it on the wounds and it will help in quick healing.
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Health benefits of Garlic | Garlic health benefits for man and woman
You won’t believe what happens when you eat garlic with honey! Did you know that in ancient Greece, brides carried bouquets of garlic and not flowers? It sounds strange but it's true. It was only because of the benefits of garlic. So, to know the amazing health benefits of garlic, keep on watching this video till the very end. Number 10 Garlic for weight loss Are you tired with your huge and bulky figure and do you want to transform? Then garlic is all that you need. Garlic is proven to be effective for the weight loss purpose. Garlic helps in stimulating the satiety hormone that reduces sugar craving and binge eating. All you have to do is combine 1 tablespoon of garlic juice with apple cider vinegar and honey. Stir this mixture into a glass of warm water and consume it before your breakfast. You will be able to see the results within the first month of consumption. Number 9 Garlic for diabetes Are you frustrated with the high sugar level? Then all you require is garlic. Researches have shown that eating garlic regulates the sugar levels. It is even proved that garlic minimizes the effect for some diabetic complications. Crush 2 to 3 cloves of garlic, add some honey and consume it every day to get relief from your diabetic related frustration. Number 8 Garlic for a cough Do you want relief from a stubborn cough? Then call out for garlic. Garlic has allicin that helps in killing a number of microorganisms that is responsible for cold and cough. Drink garlic tea twice a day for a week. And you will find your cough disappearing gradually. Number 7 Garlic for cancer Studies have shown that consumption of raw garlic reduces the rate of cancer. Garlic strengthens the immunity that helps the body to fight against cancer cells. So, remember to start your next day with consuming 2 to 3 raw garlic cloves on empty stomach. And say goodbye to cancer. Number 6 Garlic for hair loss We all have faced the fear of becoming bald. But now you can stop fearing as garlic even has the perfect solution to this. Garlic has a high level of sulfur compound and allicin that helps in treating hair loss. You can rub cloves of garlic on your scalp and wash off after 15 to 20 minutes with a mild shampoo. But for better results, you can use garlic oil and massage it into your scalp. Number 5 Garlic for acne Tired of acne and blemishes? Then run to your kitchen to get a garlic. Garlic has antioxidant that kills bacteria and this makes garlic a great home remedy for acne. All you need to do is rub sliced clove of garlic on your pimple and you will find it nowhere in the morning. Number 4 Garlic for men Garlic has a high level of allicin that helps in stimulating circulation and blood flow to sexual organs in men. But do not forget that garlic has a strong and mood distracting smell. So, while you switch on to garlic for benefits remember to eat it in moderation. You can even try garlic pills in which the mood-killing smell is absent. Number 3 Garlic as blood purifier Are you tired of covering your zits with tons of makeup? Then this is the right time to fight the problem. To get rid of zits it is essential to purify your blood from inside. Add two crushed cloves of garlic into lukewarm water and drink is every morning while your stomach is empty. you will surely be amazed at the results. Number 2 Garlic for Alzheimer Garlic contains antioxidants that help the body to protect itself from the oxidative damage that leads to cognitive illness. So, from now on do not forget to add garlic as an important ingredient of your everyday meal. Number 1 Garlic for blood pressure Hypertension is a common problem nowadays. But a clove of garlic can do miracles. The polysulfide in garlic widens the blood vessels and this helps in reducing blood pressure. Crush a garlic clove, add it to lemon water and drink it. SURPRISE!!!! Your blood pressure will reduce by 10 points.
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The Amazing Truth About The Health Benefits Of Ginger!!!
Want to know the health benefits of Gingers? Watch this video. Ginger is the solution to all your problem. Sounds funny, right? But this is true. To know more about the truth, watch this countdown video till the end. I 'm you will be amazed to know the hidden benefits of ginger. Number 10 Ginger for nausea Nausea is a disturbing feeling that we all have gone through. But gingers are proven to be effective in dismissing this disturbance. It works greatly when it comes to pregnancy-related nausea and morning sickness. So, to the would-be moms don’t worry about nausea as ginger is here to rescue. Try ginger tea every morning for better results. Number 9 Ginger for muscle pain We all are aware of the terrible pain we experience after workouts. Those pains are sometimes the reason for quitting workouts for many lazy lads. But ginger even has a perfect solution to it. Consume around 2 grams ginger every day for two weeks. The results will be clearly visible. Number 8 Ginger for blood sugar Diabetes is a common health issue nowadays. Researches have shown that ginger has anti-diabetic properties that aid in reducing the sugar levels. All you need to do is drink ginger juice twice a day and you will be able to identify the changes its brings to your life. Number 7 Ginger for youthful skin Who does not love to have young and even toned skin? I’m sure everyone does. So, stop wasting your valuable money on expensive facial products and switch to ginger. Add 2 tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of ginger paste and a spoon of honey. Mix all of them and apply it to your face. Massage it and wash off after 10 minutes. You will be able to find radiant and glowing skin after applying this for few times a week. Number 6 Ginger for split ends We all want our hair to be healthy and long but split ends are the destroyer. Split ends do not let the hair to grow and it is even the sign of damaged hair. But “don’t fear as ginger is here”. Apply ginger paste along with coconut oil from root to the tips of your hair and wash off after 30 to 45 minutes. You can find the difference after the first wash. Number 5 Ginger for bloating Bloating is the most uncomfortable and embarrassing condition. If you are even the victim of this condition then ginger can surely help you out. The compounds in ginger help in stimulating gastric juice as well as digestive organs which help in boosting digestion. Ginger even contain the zingibain enzyme that helps in breaking down proteins. So “ginger every day keeps bloating away”. Number 4 Ginger for menstrual cramps Many women experience menstrual cramps that are sometimes intolerable. But this can disappear with ginger tea. Consume ginger tea twice a day during your periods and you will find the pain disappearing in short time. You can even add lemon to the tea for the refreshing effect. Number 3 Ginger for weight loss Finding it hard to wear the normal clothing? Then it is time to take action. I won't say that ginger will do all the action and make you slim and fit within few days. This is not the truth, but ginger will aid in losing weight. Consumption of ginger tea makes you feel full for several hours, which will prevent you from snacking on to junks. Daily exercise and a cup of ginger tea after every meal will make you reach your target rapidly. Number 2 Ginger for migraine One of the benefits of ginger is to combat migraine. Migraine is dreadful but ginger has the ability to fight against it. Ginger inhibits prostaglandin synthesis, which prevents the blood vessels from swelling. So, from the next time, when migraine attacks you then all you need to do is drink a cup of ginger tea and inhale some fresh air. Number 1 Ginger for arthritis pain Researches have shown that ginger reduces joint pains and inflammation in arthritis patients. This is only because ginger contains the anti-inflammatory substance. Ginger even reduces the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Our Website: https://thetopratedblog.wordpress.com/
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18 Types Of Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy | What Not To Eat When You Are Pregnant
Pregnancy is a very crucial time and the food that you intake will not only affect you but even your baby. The Top Rated bring you a video of the food that you should not eat during pregnancy. There are a number of foods to avoid during pregnancy. It is very important to determine what not to eat during pregnancy. It is very much important that you pay a proper attention to your diet during pregnancy. There are several fruits that you should avoid while you are pregnant. This video even provides a fine list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy. Surprisingly, in the list of avoidance, there are not only fruits but also vegetables. To know more about the vegetable that must be avoided during pregnancy, watch this video until the end. It is very important to make a list of things that you can't eat when you are pregnant and this video is a true guideline for this. Subscribe to The Top Rated to get more informative health concern video. Do not forget to Like, Share and Comment.
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If you eat three bananas per day, You won't believe what will happen to your body!!!
A banana a day keeps doctor away. It is commonly quoted for apples but due to the enormous health benefits it can be easily substituted for banana as well. It is one of the most popular fruits on earth. Banana is even considered to be the power house of nutrients. It contains the important nutrients like potassium, calcium, fiber, vitamins and the list goes on. It is not just a delicious yellow fruit, but it even has a number of amazing health benefits. Here is the list of health benefits of banana. Number 10 A good friend of heart The nutrients in banana such as fiber, potassium, vitamin C and B6 helps in improving heart related disorders. Increase in potassium in the diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. According to a study, consuming 4069mg of potassium a day reduces the risk of heart diseases by 47%. So, from the next remember to add banana as an essential item in your meal list. Number 9 Goodbye insomnia Stop running behind sleeping pills and move towards your kitchen to grab banana. This might sound unrealistic but it’s the truth. Banana contains the essential nutrients that helps in reducing insomnia. According to expert’s intake of right food that contains magnesium, potassium and vitamin B helps in keeping insomnia away. And VIOLA!! Banana has all of these in it. Number 8 Helps in digestion Bananas contains good source of dietary fiber and this works great for the process of digestion. It is even easy to digest. The fiber helps the food to travel smoothly through the digestive tract. So, a couple of banana can be a good choice to treat constipation. Number 7 Glowing skin Banana is an all-rounder fruit. It not only benefits the health but also has good benefits for your skin too. Mash two bananas and add cinnamon powder to it. Apply it as a face mask twice a week. You will find surprising results after the first application. This face mask even reduces the blemishes as well as acne. Number 6 Morning drink For a healthy start we need healthy food habit and banana shake is all that you need. Instead of having any other drinks on your breakfast, switch to banana shake. The nutrients in banana will help in boosting the energy level and keep your appetite satisfied for several hours. All you need to do is, blend two bananas with a cup of low fat milk and low fat plain yogurt. Have this drink on a regular basis and watch the difference. Number 5 Fights anemia Bananas work great for those who are suffering from anemia it is due to the high iron content in it. Anemia is a condition when the number of red blood cells in the body decreases. Banana helps in producing hemoglobin in the blood as it has highest amount of iron content. Consume banana smoothie twice a day foe better results. Number 4 Hair softening pack Dry and frizzy hair is the most irritable condition that we face on regular basis but here is the ultimate solution to it. Finely mash a banana, add 1 tablespoon of honey to it then apply it on your hair from the root to the tips. Keep this pack for about 30 to 45 minutes and thoroughly wash with cold water. You will find the amazing result after the very first application. Number 3 The cancer fighter Consuming banana everyday reduces the risk of developing various cancers in the body. The vitamins in banana helps in enhancing the immune system in the body and aids in fighting with the formation of free radicals that causes cancer. So, from now on do not forget to make banana your first priority. Number 2 Cures ulcer According to research eating banana on regularly help in protecting against stomach ulcers. Banana helps in thickening the mucus barrier in the stomach that and prevents damages caused by hydrochloric acid. It also helps in eliminating stomach bacteria which causes stomach ulcer. Number 1 Energy booster It’s time to keep the sports drinks and energy bars aside and get organic. Bananas are a healthy substitute for attaining energy because of the healthy nutrients in it. The natural sugar balance in banana helps in stable energy release and makes you feel active. So, from now on have a banana before moving on to the gym.
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Five Ways Of Removing Dental Plaque At Home Naturally
In this video I am going to share some extremely cool tips by which you can remove dental plaque naturally at your home. Basically plaque is a sticky , softer form of bacteria that builds up on your teeth especially in your dental fillings. It also can build up on your gum and tongue. If plaque is not removed in the primary stage , it turns into calculus. Some people call it tartar as well. Tartar is referred to the hardened plaque. Plaque is really very dangerous for your teeth. It decays your teeth. Sometimes it also causes gum disease. We all know this proverb. Prevention is better than cure. To prevent plaque or calculus buildup , you need to maintain only two things- The first thing is-Brush your teeth regularly two times a day. And the second one is While brushing your teeth , make sure that you brush your tongue as well. Unbrushed tongue supports bacteria to grow in your mouth. As a result these filthy bacteria end up in making plaque on your teeth. I noticed in some videos, they are suggesting to use aluminium to remove dental plaque. I am requesting you not to do this at all. I don’t know how and why they are suggesting this. Aluminium is toxic. It is unhygienic for your health. So, don’t use it without consulting doctor. Rather than that To ensure that the tartar won’t get any visa to get into your mouth you can apply one of these home remedies. Okay before digging into it, let me tell you one thing. Please, do subscribe to get more health changing videos like this. Now lets know Three tricks to remove dental plaques completely at your home. Number One: Start eating Guava Guava has an excellent anti plaque agent in it. Guava is very effective against tartara in the primary stage. So, you can eat guava on a regular basis or at least two guavas per week two stay away from plaque. Number two: Use Baking Soda to stop Plaque buildup: Baking soda is a great natural plaque removal. Baking soda is an effective teeth whitener as well. The journal of clinical dentistry published a report in 2008 which says baking soda paste can effectively fight tartar more than any non-baking soda products. So, to stop plaque buildup- Put a small amount of baking soda on your toothbrush.Drip a drop of water on it and then brush your teeth with it. After brushing your teeth rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. Number three: Use Aloe vera Gel and Glycerine Scrub To make this mixture You will need 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel 4 teaspoon of vegetable glycerine 4 tablespoon of baking soda One cup of pure water Ten drops of lemon oil You can use lemon drips instead of lemon oil. now mix all the ingredients together to get a paste. After mixing them well, scrub your teeth with this mixture. You can use your toothbrush to do this. Now, rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. Number Four: Strawberries and Tomatoes-the natural plaque remover These two fruits contain a good quantity of Vitamin C. You must know the effectivity of Vitamin C for our oral health.strawberries and tomatoes are good source of this vitamin. So, to get rid of tartar, you have to rub these fruits directly onto your teeth. Then wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Some special components are contained by these two fruits so that the tartar will be softened. Now come to the washing part. Rinse your mouth with baking soda paste and lukewarm water. Then see the magic. For better result, do this task twice in every week. Number five: Oil pulling THis is a pretty old practice for removing tartar from the teeth. Coconut oil is the best pick when it comes to oil pulling. Coconut oil is high in lauric acid. It has anti-inflammatory compounds too. so , for oil pulling You have to swish 1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil around in your mouth for 20-30 minutes. then , spit it out. After this, brush your teeth with a good toothpaste. You can use baking soda as well. Then rinse it with lukewarm water. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheTopRated Website: thetopratedblog.wordpress.com
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Top Ten Health Benefits Of Turmeric !!! - turmeric health benefits
In this video, you are going to know the health benefits of turmeric. Did you know that this weird looking yellow spice is the solution to your everyday problems? If no, then this video is all that you need. Watch this video till the end to unveil the secrets of the beautiful yellow spice named turmeric. Number 10 Turmeric for weight loss Are you concerned with your weight ?and do not know what must be done. Then this is the right time to take help from turmeric. Turmeric prevents accumulation of fats in the adipose tissue and this leads to loss of weight. But remember that a healthy diet is even necessary for an excellent result. Number 9 Turmeric for cancer Researches have shown that Turmeric has anti-cancer properties that help in killing the cancer cells. Turmeric is most effective on bowel cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer and skin cancer. It helps in naturally treating cancer. So do not forget to make turmeric as a part of your daily diet. Number 8 Turmeric for diabetes Are you worried about your high sugar levels? If yes, then turmeric is here for your help. Studies have shown that curcumin in turmeric is 400 times more effective that metformin, which is a common diabetic drug. All you need to do is add 1 tablespoon of powdered turmeric in warm water and drink it before your breakfast. Number 7 Turmeric for dandruff Are you scared of wearing your favorite black t-shirt? I can understand the embarrassing situation of dandruff on the shoulder. The solution to this issue is by applying a mixture of turmeric and olive oil on your scalp and wash it after 30 to 40 minutes with a mild shampoo. You will be able to find dandruff free scalp after two to three washes. Number 6 Turmeric for Acne We all are fond of spotless and flawless skin but in this case, acnes are the deadliest enemies. But now you don’t have to worry as turmeric even has the perfect solution for this. All you need to do is prepare a mixture of turmeric powder, sandalwood powder, and lemon juice. Apply this mixture and wait for 10 minutes then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Apply this pack for twice a week for better results. Number 5 Turmeric for sunburn Turmeric works as magic on sunburns and this is only possible because of the antiseptic properties. So if you are extremely worried about your sunburn, then apply a mixture of turmeric and aloe vera gel on the burned area. You will be able to find the results in no time. Number 4 Turmeric for teeth whitening If you are tired of your yellow teeth, then here is the full proof idea to get rid of it. Now you don’t have to spend your money on whitening strips as turmeric will do all the work. Brush your teeth twice a day with turmeric powder and your will surely be surprised by the bright and radiant smile. Number 3 Turmeric for anti-depression Instead of having regular tea during breakfast, switch to turmeric tea. It has been observed that the curcumin present in turmeric works effectively in managing depression. So remember to start your day with a sip of turmeric tea. Number 2 Turmeric for digestion Does indigestion hamper your everyday life? To get rid of this all you need to do is, add turmeric to your everyday meal. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric help in the growth of good bacteria which leads to proper digestion. Number 1 Turmeric for skin lightening The pigmentation and dark spots in the skin are nightmares for most of the ladies out there. But have you ever thought of using turmeric rather than any other artificial product? Turmeric is among the best natural skin lightener. The good properties not only lightens your skin but also benefits your skin in a number of ways. Apply the mixture of turmeric and honey on your face twice a week and you will be mesmerized by the results.
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Top 10  health benefits of apple cider vinegar that you should know
This video is all about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. About 10 health benefits of organic apple cider vinegar are listed here. It is not an easy task to select top 10 health benefits of apple cider vinegar out of thousands advantages. Let me know your favorite uses of its. you may prefer drink apple cider vinegar to its other uses. Let me know, what is your application when it comes to apple cider vinegar.
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Ten amazing health benefits of aloe vera | Uses of aloe vera
Health benefits of aloe vera cannot be described in an article or in a video. Aloe vera is that much useful. There are hundred and thousands of uses of aloe vera. From all of these uses and benefits I have selected the most effective ten benefits. 1. If you want to get rid of bad breath than you can have one fourth cup of pure aloe vera gel with a cup of water. This will certainly reduce the bad breath. 2. Aloe vera contains plenty of useful compounds which are really necessary for our health. It is full of vitamins and minerals. 3. One of the most efficient health benefits of aloe vera juice is it fights against mouth ulcer. It is proven that, people who drink aloe vera juice regularly are not at stake of mouth ulcer. 4. Who does not know that aloe vera is good for skin? It is most popular with cosmetic industry. 5. It reduces dental plaque effectively. 6. One of the popular uses of aloe vera is its ice cube. It helps against sun exposure, stove, poison ivy and bug bites. 7. Aloe vera is good for constipation. It is often used against it. When it comes to constipation, the latex of the aloe vera comes to the field of war. This latex is yellowish. It is located under the skin of the aloe vera leaf. 8. It is effective for diabetes. Doctors recommend its health benefits of aloe vera when it comes to diacetics. It enhances insulin sensitivity. So that, your body does not feel the need of extra insulin. 9. Aloe vera helps with digestion. It improves your digestion system. 10. To reduce inflammation , aloe vera plays a very important role. So , we can see the multi-dimensional uses and benefits of aloe vera is enormous. To get a healthy body and to lead a healthy lifestyle try to be familiar with aloe vera.
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Solve your sinus infection within 20 seconds!  - Home remedies for Sinusitis
This video is all about how to cure sinus permanently. The solution to this health disorder is easy and can be done at home. We all have suffered the pain at least once and by the sense of this pain, it is pretty sure that you are eagerly waiting for a solution. Here is the solution for this troublesome pain. This video provides some home remedies for a sinus headache. It might even shock you that sinus can even be cured by apple cider vinegar. You will even find sinus infection medications in this video, keep watching until the end to know more about this. Wasabi and spiced up food is even considered as natural ways to get rid of sinus infection. We are providing some vital ways to get rid of sinusitis. 1. Drink a mixture. 2. A tricky method to get rid of sinus infection. 3. medication for sinusitis 4. Take a hot bath 5. Foods against sinus infection.
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Health Benefits and uses of Baking Soda that you haven't heard before
Are you frustrated with your yellow teeth? Are you tired of using deodorant but not getting the exact solution? Then you are in the right place!!! You are not here to know the chemical components of baking soda .What I will be giving you in this video are more than valuable, trust me. Baking soda gives the complete solution for everything starting from caring to clean. Here are the top 10 most interesting benefits and uses of baking soda. Number 10 Sunburn relief Baking soda works well for skin related problems. It is a quick healer for sunburns. To get relief from sunburn, apply the paste of baking soda and water directly on the sunburn area. To get better results you can even mix baking soda with your favorite lotion. Try these and you will find that sunburns no longer exists in your skin. Number 9 Natural deodorant Are you frustrated because of your bad underarms smell? Now you don’t have to worry any more as the solution is here. Stop wasting your money on expensive deodorant and switch to something effective. With the help of baking soda, you can make your own deodorant. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with water and make a creamy taste. Now apply this paste on you underarms. TA DA !! you are free from the bad smell. Number 8 Teeth whitener Do you desire for pearly white teeth? Then here is the solution. Create your very own toothpaste with water and a teaspoon of baking soda. Run this paste on your teeth for 3 to 5 minutes and see the results instantly. Number 7 Treats indigestion Indigestion is a problem that we all face now or then. But this is the time to face this problem with a new approach. Instead of drinking tons of water switch to baking soda. Take a glass of water and half tablespoon of baking soda and mix it well and drink it. You will be able to figure out the results instantly. Listen carefully, I am not telling you to stop drinking water. Rather than that I am telling you to drink sometimes water with baking soda some times. Number 6 Manageable hair Dry and frizzy hair is hard to manage and this is caused by the left-over residues of the products that you use. But from now this will no longer be an issue. With your regular shampoo add a table spoon of baking soda and apply it from the root to the ends. You will able to find shinny and manageable hair from the very first wash. Number 5 Facial scrub Get rid of the dead skin and black head with the help of baking soda. Add a tablespoon of baking soda with sufficient water and rub gently on your face in a circular motion. Then rinse it with clean water. Number 4 Sooths bug bites Baking soda does wonders on bug bits. Rub baking soda on the bug bite area to reduce the effect of itching. Create a paste with equal proportion of water and baking soda and apply it three times a day. You will find the irritation disappearing gradually. Number 3 Cleans microwave Baking soda works very well while it comes to the sector of cleaning. Apply the paste made of baking soda and water on a cleaning sponge and rub the inner area of microwave. Keep it for 10 minutes and wash it with water thoroughly. Your microwave will look all new. Number 2 Septic care You can use baking soda in your drain so that the septic system flows freely. All you need to do is, pour one cup of baking soda solution in the drain which will help in maintaining the pH balance of the septic tank. Number 1 Enhance sports performance Baking soda is an alkali substance and this helps to maintain the pH balance in the body. It reduces the formation of acidity in the muscle in intense conditions and produces lactic acid. This helps in enhancing the performance of the athletes. All you have to do is consume baking soda capsule before any race for enhancing the performance.
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