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Medium Mixture
How to mix medium for oil painting.
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KERT RATS vs Pastafarians & The Flying Spaghetti Monster
Kert is seeking Zek, only to find him covered in marinara sauce, using their phasers they eliminate the mess and only to be stopped on the way out by a Dragon named Mc Con and a Demon named Boner. Kerk and his band of ra men are challenged to a race by mystery driver 44. The race goes all over the country side through the cities and to the docks, where a pirate ship Captain name Rabbi Justinious prepares to seek out mushrooms for XMAS Goulash. Thank the pasta, the FSM shows up and saves the day just as the pirate ship is forced to land. Driver 44 Takes the Mushrooms and escapes, while 1071-CCN makes for warp 5 and to a future episode...
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Westminster Abbey
I created this model in AutoCad 2011 and rendered it in 3ds max.
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quadcopter first motor test HK Multi-Rotor Control Board V3.0 (Atmega328 PA)
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Heads 4 Mudbox
Mudbox Heads for Animation Dept GCC Art 237
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Painting the Breast
Me Painting
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Planetary Swap Mars/Earth
Swapping Earth and mars in Universal Sandbox 2... Conclusion, Mars has too little mass to hold an atmosphere even at the same orbit as earth 1au, and earth can't hold on to heat at 1.5 au where mars lives. On a side note be careful adding mass to the star they tend to go nova and if it's too much become black holes...
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Topography Map Creation Part II
Geology 101 Class Project Final Part II ~ Topography Map Creation
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Painting the Reclining Nude
Video of me painting the Reclining Nude still life.
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Paint Bluebells6
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Paint Bluebells5
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Mary Jane P VI
This is video of me drawing Mary Jane Summer 2008
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Mary Jane P III
This is a video of me drawing ~ Mary Jane ~ Summer 2008
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Mary Jane P I
This is a video of me drawing ~ Mary Jane ~ Summer 2008
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Paint Bluebells3
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Canis Minor & Major
Final Project Astronomy 120 Canis Minor & Major Text Canis Minor has few spectacular sites, at 11 and a half light years away we find Procyon A the Star attraction in this sector. Procyon A also has a White Dwarf in highly eccentric binary orbit, which make Type IA super Nova's possible. This occur when a White Dwarf in Binary star systems takes mass off its larger companion. Procyon is an aging sub-giant and the Helium flash ignition may occur anytime from now up to 100 million years into the future. Procyon is the 8th brightest star in the sky and part of a Winter Triangle with Sirius and Betelgeuse. The Vermillion Bird of the South is the name given to Procyon by ancient Chinese astronomers, a Phoenix. In the lore American Indians stories where told about a herdsman Icarius, transforming into Procyon and becoming the little dog star. Ptolemy only noted Procyon and Gomeisa in this constellation, Gomeisa is 162 light years away and ejecting its outer layers. At just over 8 and half light years away Sirius is Available 365.5 days a year, you could say, "one could set a clock on it, seriously", the mythology of Sirius is as Vast as space and includes notations from every culture going back to in time, to ancient Egypt from to India and up the new Americans. Stories are found in Tarot Cards, The Dog Star, Plato and Atlantis, in Free Masonry as the "all seeing eye", as Baby Jesus in Christianity has been said to be actually a Egyptian story of Horus the son of Isis, Isis is the name of Sirius. One example is the Eastern Star Christian cult back in the 1970's, a women's Masonic practice, which was based on the Star of Isis, and Baby Jesus. The Quran makes a similar claim, that God or humanity started in the system of Sirius A and its White Dwarf companion, these two stars make possible Type IA Super Nova's. A more likely scenario is that in the past, an observance of the Nova was mistaken as a message from God. Sirius B is about 30,000 degrees Kelvin and among the hottest of the white dwarfs on the HR Diagram. Best observance is in winter months with at least a 8 inch telescope. Just south of Sirius 2,300 light years away is Messier 41 an open Cluster Galaxy. At 3,662 light years away in north the west of quadrant of Canis Major is Thor's Helmet (NGC 2359) and the Wolf-Raynet Star (HD 56925), has created Thor's Helmet a large domed shaped emission nebula. At 3,840 light years away is a monster, Think about Jaws, The Great White Shark, "Where Going to need a Bigger Boat." Now Imagine a star, whose size is so immense that it's presence would envelop the entire orbit of Saturn. Now image the star is near the end of that life. VY Canis Majoris is a Hyper-Giant and makes all the other stars in the known universe dwarf by comparison, at 1 Billion times our Sol star, VY Canis Majoris is expected to go Hyper-nova in the relatively near future (up to 100,000 yrs). When the Gamma-ray burst reaches to the Fermi Satellite we should finally know, that a new black hole has been created. Our last stop is 80 million light years away, a pair of mating galaxies NGC2207 & IC 2163 currently merging in the Eastern Quadrant of Canis Major. Like two cogs, these spiral galaxies bind their gravity wheels together into a larger celestial mechanism. Bakich, Michael E. 1,001 Celestial Wonders to see before you die. Ney York: Springer Science + Business Media, 2010. Comins, Neil F. Discovering the Essential Universe. Ney York: W.H. Freeman and Company, 2006. Kidger, Mark. The Star of Bethlehem (An Astronomers View). New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1999. Krupp, Dr. E.C. Echoes of the Ancient Skies. Ney York: Harper & Row Publishing, 1983. Miller, Dorcas S. Stars of the First People. Boulder Co: Pruett Publishing Co, 1997. Schaaf, Fred. The 50 best sights in astronomy and how to see them. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2007. Microsoft World-Wide Telescope http://www.worldwidetelescope.org https://www.mtholyoke.edu/courses/jlevine/ast100/HW/hr_diagram_big.jpg http://forum.trianglefreeforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=23674
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Painting the Maelstrom II
Me Painting
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Paint Bluebells4
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Mary Jane P II
This is a video of me drawing ~ Mary Jane ~ Summer 2008
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3ds Max Glendale Community College Spring 2011 By Jennifer Partlow
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Oil Painting
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Mary Jane P VII
This is a video of me drawing Mary Jane summer 2008.
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Mountainview Camera 3 TS 3
3DS Max After Affects
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Mary Jane PV
This is a video of me drawing Mary Jane Summer 2008
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SilverStoned Pictures Logo.mov
My Animated Logo
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Paint Bluebells2
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I added sounds and a intro clip music by Carlos G Garcia this is for my college kinematics class made with Maya and composted in after effects with environments from 3ds max
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Hill House Architecture by Jennifer
Hill House took me 3 days to design, by the 4th day I had stills from 3ds max rendered and by the 5th day I had the animation rendered in max and on the 6th day I composited and created the final render in After Effects.
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Happy New Year ~ 2011 ~ Ball Drop
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3DS MAX After Affects
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Petter Rabbit
Princess eating Petter Rabbit!
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Topography Map Creation Part I
Geology Class 101 Project Final Glendale College 2008 June 1
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Paint Phoenix
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A sneak peak of my newest animation, created with Revit, 3Ds Max, Daz 3.1, After Effects
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3ds max house interior for my architecture 120 class Glendale community college
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The Grand Opening of the SILVERSTONED
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Architecture Project Video
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Happy New Year ~ Ball Drop ~ 2012
Animated Ball drop.
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painting my family
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Painting the Reclining Nude III
Me Painting
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3Ds Max Model for my Architecture 120 Class, Four Bedroom House, Glendale community college
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Painting the Maelstrom
Me Painting
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Sunset Beach Dancer A Oil Painting
A time laps video of my latest Oil painting.
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My newest After Effects Animation
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Painting the Reclining Nude II
Me Painting
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Mary Jane PIV
This is a video of me drawing ~ Mary Jane ~ Summer 2008
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3ds max
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