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the wonderful world of anime
omae wa mou
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Why are  you running
just let it happen
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Running in da Wae
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I always feel like...
it really be like that sometimes spaghett get it lol its funny because spaghetti
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Grapefruit your Echidna
your mom gay
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Weird Visual Glitch in Paladins: Champions of the Realm
Loaded into a competitive match with me and my buddy. For some reason we were both getting this weird visual glitch, (which none of our teammates had,) so I decided to record it. Me and my friend have very different PC specs, so I have no idea why we both got the glitch. This was recorded on a Windows 10 PC, on release version 1.0, on 5/12/2018. Hi-Rez? Any ideas why this happened? It was on the Ascension Peak map, which we had already played on for several matches before the glitch.
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